Body Image/Body Shape

I got terrible news to tell you…there’s no easy way to say this but it must be said…I was so shocked when i knew and it just shook my world…erm…i’ll just say it!

I’m…I’m fat…there I said it…I’ll just let you take that in..let it soak…

Well Duh! (giggle!) No surprise to me that I’m a big girl and that I stay away from the negative wordings such as fat, wide or fatty fatty 2×4 can’t fit thought the kitchen door (and use words such as Chubs instead of fat and Fluffy instead of obese)…well okay no one has said that to me but you know what, this is not a post about self acceptance and all that blah blah blah because maybe you’re the type of person who doesn’t give a flying fish what people think and just have excepted yourself and lived life because it’s too short to worry about not being able to wear short shorts especailly without it cutting of the circulation from your thighs. Or maybe your that person who has issues here and there but admire one part of your body like your oh so pretty face, maybe you just generally dislike your image whether it was done by munching, genetics or pregnancy (possibly all) or maybe you’re like me, happy with yourself and naturally have those down times but try to make the best of it. You could be any one of these or none but this is a post for those who don’t know what suits them and no I’m not talking about colours I’m talking about working with body shape.

Now I don’t know about other bloggers, maybe they tell you more than I ever can, maybe they’re more glamorous but in my opinion I cannot relate to someone who isn’t like me and yeah yeah yeah lets not go there with the clichés about no body is the same and everybody is different, but I at least wanna find someone who knows what I’m talking about. Someone who knows a little bit about the financial struggle and not to offer solutions out of my price range or  just things I generally can’t wear because of my size (and then I get sad at myself for not looking as curvy as the curvy bloggers with everything toned or in the right places…I dunno why I keep hearing the song Unpretty by TLC that hunted me throughout my childhood). Now I’m no guru even tho I’d like to be and I imagine myself to be a fashion stylist but I’m virtually on my laptop everyday trying to find things that could benefit me and my size…and my mum coz she’s a curvy lady too.

I’m in no competition (or bashing) with the other super hot and sexy bloggers out there doing the same thing because I’m probably following them and there words as if it were gospel or a beauty bible but I just wanna get my views out there.

There’s plenty of body love to go around and a lot of self-love for you to have found…

…(giggle) that rhymed.



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