July Giveaway! part 1/3

I love my blog and I’m so blessed to have followers follow and like the little things I do and create, it makes me want to make more things, bake more things and have fun and so I said to myself “imma do a giveaway” (exactly how it’s written is how I said it).

However I don’t know what to giveaway! Do I buy something? Make something or what? So I decided every time I hit a 0’s in followers I’ll giveaway what ever I done in the month of blogging (or maybe whatever post had the most likes and doesn’t cost the earth)…what you think?

Feel free to comment below and I’ll give away at random to whoever posts there name and email to me either in the comment box below or via email at lelelovesccavc@yahoo.co.uk!

Be sure to email me ASAP as I’m giving you FREE STUFF (as for the P&P we’ll work that out later). This giveaway is the July giveaway…stay tuned to find out what you got!

Happy day for a giveaway!


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