What the frock!

Yeah what the frock! Not only am I missing LFW I’m not up-to-date with the retro/vintage news. For pitty sakes I’m missing all the vintage fairs! If you’re like me (and oh my gosh I hope not) and want the low down on all things retro and vintage here’s some things you might wanna sign up to and visit.

Clerkenwell Vintage Fashion Fair


Mentioned by London Fashion Week (and yes I missed it how sucky am I?!). I want to get my bargain on! #thriftbaby!

The Grand Vintage Fair


I have not yet gone but when I do you’ll hear about it, read about it and get totally sick of me going on about till your like “For goodness sakes women SHUT U- ooh that’s nice”. Don’t worry the info is on the page. #Allaboutindependantbusiness

The Vintage Guide to London


I go on here most of the time, it’s so great (what’s crazy is when I don’t and I miss something cool!) #getittogethergirl.

Judy’s vintage fair


Can never go to too many fairs right? #vintagefairs

Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair


The Vintage Clothing Kilo Sale


Pop Up Vintage Fairs


Old Spitalfields Market


Coz’ we love a good ol’ market right? On that subject of markets…

Check out Deptford Market located at 200 Deptford High St  London SE8 3PR  every WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY*, don’t be rolling up to the market at whatever time coz’ you’ll miss all the cool stuff (times are 8:00am till 2:00pm-ish*). I’ve kinda sorta not really banned myself from there because I’m a junkie for Deptford Market (especially for Sharon’s fabric stall…I would tell you more about her stall but I want her to myself however if you’re dying to know you’ll have to get me on a one-to-one via Twitter @leleloves72, warning I (and others) WILL fight you (just saying)…(she frockin’ amaz-balls!) #GOGOGO!

Check out Bromley Road Market / Car Boot sale located at Catford Wanderers Sports Club Car Park, Junction Of Bromley Road, Downham, Catford, SE6 3NU every TUESDAY and THURSDAY*, like I stated before don’t be la-dee-da (times are 8:00am till 1:00PM-ish*). Just another place I end up with my ma. #MarketMadness!

*To my knowledge.

Here’s other markets that my ma told me about, she’s the market maiden!:

  • E-Street (East street market)
  • Petticoat Lane
  • Roman Road
  • Coventry Garden
  • Dalston market
  • Wembley market
  • Dartford Market

For other markets and such like Camden and Brixton check out Time Out London at:


Well I think I got it covered so we’ll not miss anymore…however if I have feel free to let me know!

Happy shopping!



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