Pattern of the week!: Va Va Vintage coat

It’s dark and chilly and the shops are now stocking up on parkas, coats and other types of outerwear that I cannot remember so naturally you would hunt for that trusty warm and big coat to battle the blistering breeze…but in my case I needed to buy another coat because my only outerwear I’ve been rocking was a denim jacket.

HOWEVER there’s no way I’m spending that amount of money on just one coat especially a coat that would barely fit, flatter or be fashionable. I did one better…I looked on Ebay for a vintage coat pattern and so I found a great one although I was hesitant about how it would look on me with my big boobs.


Not bad aye? I really love this…


…And so does my little brother as he dresses up in my coat running around the house pretending to be Batman, a model or a drug addict. (Crazy).

I was wrong…and I froggin adore it! Not only does it fit, flatter and fashionable it’s vintage and when I spin it twirls as it’s a full circle!


I think I’ll sew some up…what you think?

This Butterick vintage coat pattern is at a medium difficulty (I got stuck at the top part with the whole break thing but once you understand how it’s done you’ll find it do-able) and flatters most body shapes (that I’m aware of).


Hard to tell by pictures sometimes.


But a technical drawing helps.

Heres where you can buy it:

Ebay #1 (Hurry there’s only 2 small/med left, then it’s all gone!)

Ebay #2 (From the US so it’s a little more pricey but in a 14-22…I think it’s the last)

Butterick site US (this is where I got mine after finding out that I didn’t want Ebay prices…in the end I realized that I get charged like £10 P&P even with the currency exchange!. At least you get your size and with the P&P you might as well get more patterns.)


Happy Sewing!

(Nice right? I heart the heart)




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