Gatsby Week: Fashion

Time to dance the Charleston girls as we find an inexpensive way to 20’s up your wardrobe!
You want to wear anything sequined, beaded or tassels. Free flowing (I can’t be sure about draping tho…)

I would simply get and item of clothing (loose-ish top, shift dress and yes trousers wore worn at that time!) that is non fitting and a sparkly trim to represent the sequin/beading and some tassels for a bit of shake. I’ve pinned some pins!

The Rules!

The Rules! Pretty much tells you how it went down…better than me copy and pasting Wiki words!

Beads and sequins!

Beads and sequins! And tassels! I won’t for get them. Beading and stitching sequins is far too long but sure is beautiful!


Glamour, with a do full of hair slides and heart full of dreams (I assume).



Now for the highstreet (and online)!

Sexy embellished shift dress from Evans at £55! The deco is SO 1920 and it’s not dull (coz whenever I think plus size clothing IN GENERAL I think boring dull coloured capes which is kinda sad and true so I’m quite pleased!):[209534|209530]&bi=1&ps=200

I thought Forever 21 (UK) would have something, shame. I bet Forever 21 (US) would do…they always do! I know! I look! Just like…

Modcloth! And once your go onto the Gatsby Garb section you’ll want to buy everything!!! (I always keep a currency converter tab on Google open just to see how much it’ll cost plus P&P…oh my words and whispers overseas P&P is a BI…! But it’s under a tenner so I won’t complain anymore…).

My fav! ASOS baby! (why did I say baby?)

Awesome sequin shift dress at £50! Good ol’ ASOS! (not that bad right? You keep it for life depending how you care for it! Plus I saw another dress that was also shift for £21 and it was just so boring but I thought I should say):

And might I say New Look are doing it so right…take a look (good luck fighting for the plus sizes!):

If you do find something better, create something better or tell me an upside to Forever 21 (UK) tell or send me a pic @leleloves72 via Twitter!

Happy shopping!


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