Christmas Pinterest interest


I’m back and It’s the 1st of December which means FOOD, FAMILY and PRESENTS!!!!
And so I feel the need to crave sweets* on a daily basis when they are stored in a numbered, window-like pouch. Oh yeah! Advent calendars…it doesn’t matter how old you are, happiness doesn’t have an age limit! And this time around I don’t want to buy them…(then throw them like I do with decorations I hang after there destroyed within days) NO I rather make mine out of pretty fabric.

So here’s my Xmas Pinterest interest on fabric advent calendars.


Pretty and simple. I started making these for my brothers for today and the most annoying part is the boxes…when they have to be same size and sewn…so time consuming…


…worth it? We’ll see. I won’t even go there about the numbers! Felt shaped numbers or embrodery…don’t think we can go wrong!


Let me just start of saying how clever is the numbering! Little tags! (Why didn’t I think of that sooner!?). Patchwork advent quilt! Christmas craft GOLD!


My favourite of all I think! Advent bunting! pretty, vintage AND festive! A must have so I’m making them to sell (and How To!).


Oooh that’s so nice too! Spoilt for choice!



This is AWESOME! Every child must have this! Even I want it, I need someone to dance with once I’m merry (tehe).

*I’m craving chocolate…Lindt Lindor especially! (My mouth is watering already)

I hoped you enjoyed viewing my pins and got some Christmas inspiration!

Happy holidays and pinning interests!


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