Christmas at Lele’s

Merry Christmas my beautiful readers!

Christmas is never like how I imagined it’ll be such as me not getting what I asked for for Christmas presents and me cleaning as well as being a kitchen helper to mum however the food remains the same as always. Delicious!

I wasn’t in the spirt of Xmas on the eve of and I could feel myself running outta more spirt and so I mixed a few sprits to make myself a made up cocktail to cheer my stupid grumpy self up. Never drink whilst your down or handling sharp and or heavy things, it’s not safe…I should know. I called my cocktail The Dirty Dish Water cocktail which was a mix of white wine, white rum, brandy, cranberry juice, OJ with the bits and cola for the dark dishy look finished with orange and lemon slices shaken and served with ice…not too shabby if I say so myself.



The dinner was epic…now my background is Jamaican we had a Jamaican breakfast/dinner. So much food! National dishes and such however I’m far too merry and full to tell you the rest right now. Here’s a picture!


I got good presents too but I will update* what I got tomorrow coz I’m so far gone!

I hope your away with the merry fairies as I am! I’m so full OMG!

*I got a makeup brush set, make up box, cocktail set, plum handbag, 6 statement earrings, Kirstie Allsopp Craft book, Lady Millions By PR and the rest I cannot remember if I tried!

Merry christmas!


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