Pinterest interest #9


I adore pastels and it pleases me that pastels are a trend for spring/summer 2014. All the more reason to go totally tea party and ice-cream cakes when dressing up! I have a deep love for Pinterest pastel pins and why not show you ALL my iPhone favs even down to the pastel shabby chic!




So cute!


I’d love to wear these but I don’t know where to! Maybe just around the house but what a waste!


MY DREAM KITCHEN! Imagine no cooking just adoring lol


#CocktailRing #statement #love




Good idea for a message board!






These are too much! AND you can BUY THEM NOW! On Urban Outfitters US (not UK *sobs heart out*) at $10 (get them all, it makes sense coz Macaroons don’t come individually)


Yes! to this!




My living room…my house/flat is going to be sickening lol People would visit and be like “WTF! Did a grandma explode in here?”


Nice dress #GrannyChic


Personal hygiene on point!


Tehe! My nails


Happy Pinning your pins!


Vintage review: Sew Over It

Lisa Comfort's Sew Over It: Sew it, Wear it, Love it.

Lisa Comfort’s Sew Over It: Sew it, Wear it, Love it.

Today I bought a book all about the craft of sewing because I could never learn too much. Sew Over It by Lisa Comfort is a sewing book that’s wonderfully insightful with all the basics of sewing such as alterations like hemming to vintage How To’s and customizing your clothing to give them a unique touch.

Alterations and such.

Alterations and such.

Lisa is an inspirational lady and from reading her little bio was enough to get me doing on dreams of my own as well as getting stuck in to stitching! This book is a must read and should have a rightful place on the bookshelves of vintage/vintage clothing and craft lovers.


Need to make this skirt!

Need to make this skirt!

For the Amazon price of £10.20 it’s a best buy! I give Sew Over It…


Here’s the link to get yours!

I hope my review was some help to you and I hope you’ll enjoy this book as much as I did (and I did very much so!).

Happy Reading!

Trendin’ Tuesdays: #AccStack

Ever had an outfit and two or more of your accessories go with it? Behold a piece of individualism for Trendin’ Tuesdays! Accessory Stacking but more importantly the WATCH! A lot of the trends for accessories forget about the chic and useful simplicity of the watch so why not let us make it cool for a while before we got back to our bangles and bracelets.

Why not wear them all? Better yet (but unnessary) set them each a different time zone?

Why not wear them all? Better yet (but unnecessary) set them each a different time zone?

This week why not give our wrists quirky sophistication and go excessive with this accessory! Show your watch some press and trend #AccStack!

I saw a few candy/vintage time pieces on Asos earlier this week, unfortunately the prices did not agree with my purse but it’s a must for me to buy them all, wear them all and trend them all with love!

Show me some love @leleloves72…#Watch my #AccStack attack!

Happy Trendin’!

Craft review: Heart shaped Pom-Pom maker

(Happy St.David’s Day!)

I bought this Heart shaped pom-pom marker because 1. I saw a pom-pom maker on Kirsties Handmade Christmas last year on Channel 4 and wanted to try it out and 2. it was heart-shaped! When I did receive it I could not wait to try it out, all the ideas and craft possibilities that I could do however when I followed the simple and easy to follow How To and finished it my heart looked so crummy….

First try...maybe it's me because my Ma thought it was nice.

First try…maybe it’s me because my Ma thought it was nice.

Second try, the first was's not goodhow they use perfect pictures for describion if it doesnt look like that in real life. The expectations man! Am i right? #PhotoshopIsEverywhere

Second try, the first try was better…it’s not good how they use perfect pictures for description if it doesn’t look like the actual thing in real life. The expectations man! Am I right? #PhotoshopIsEverywhere

I put this down to practice, I guess the more I do it the better my pom-pom will look but as for the normal ones I think I’d better stay old skool and DIY it. Here’s my favs…

Old skool simplicity!

Old skool simplicity!

I'm not sure what the second till last picture means (and the won't explain much either) but it's still pretty pretty!

I’m not sure what the second till last picture means (and the won’t explain much either) but it’s still pretty pretty!

I'm sure if you shape then round instead of pointy as shown it'll end up being a cutier "romantic looking" pom-pom.

I’m sure if you shape than round instead of pointy as shown it’ll end up being a cutier “romantic looking” pom-pom.

So I hope this review was helpful and that you end up creating some pretty amazing pom-poms!

Happy Crafting!

Beauty review: Superdrugs Instant Colour Hairspray “Pink Punch”

For a long time now I’ve been wanting a change in style, not just the clothing but head to toe. I didn’t wanna go though the whole drama of hair dying and chemicals because I have Virgin Remi Brazilian weave and to bleach, dye as well as heat styling would eventually lose the beautiful texture just like as if it were my natural hair. It’s a chemical for a reason. Well what’s quick, easy also vibrant without the damage? Who wants to stay one colour for long? I need my hair to keep up with my personality.

I’m reviewing Superdrugs Instant Colour Hairspray in Pink Punch to see whether that 5* customer rating really was worth it and to tell you how I got on.

I eagerly went into my local Superdrug and bought the spray, at first I thought Superdrug weren’t going to have the spray in stock and that only big Superdrug stores would have the item…well I was wrong. Later that evening I took a piece of my hair following what the pressurised can told me (not before shielding my clothing) and sprayed away to my desire. I was instantly happy!…

Spray on n wash out! And in colours Red, White, Black and Blue.

Spray on n wash out! And in colours Red, White, Black and Blue.


Because of my brown hair the colour came out bright Purple and as time went on (give or take 3-4 hours) my hair changed into a darkish Pinky purple! LOOK!

In the afternoon not long applied.

In the afternoon not long applied.

Later on in the evening!

Later on in the evening!

I’ll be honest I was kinda expecting Pink after I gassed myself up to go so bold (I haven’t left my house yet…it’s easy to do things like this indoors away from the gazes of on looking strangers…) but I’m happy because it’s still a lovely colour and of course I now know the colour may vary depending on the shade of your hair. Plus the spray didn’t last as long as I’d hope but I did use it quite a bit in the short space of 24hrs (the first try I coloured only two front sections of my hair, as for the second day I coloured all my tips) besides with the price of £2.99 theres not much argument so I give Superdrugs Instant Colour Hairspray in Pink Punch

♥♥♥ out of 5!

I hope my review was some help to you and if you decide to wear your hair as vibrate as mine, show me a selfie at @leleloves72 via twitter or post your look direct to me (at least that’s what I think the new upgrade was enabling) on Instagram at leleloves72.

Happy Beautifying!

A date to Update

So I was talking to you about me wanting to make my blog a little more current, a bit fresher and more appealing. Maybe some pastels? A new font? And so im in the process of making that happen along with my bank card, it’s all well and good playing around with colour but what about the content? I can give you the same ol’ same! So please referer to my last post New Look and let me heard your opinion because it really does matter. Your vote (oh here we go I sound so White House official) helps me to decide whether blogging is the way to go!

I look forward to your say!

Happy helping!