Great day to go the V&A!

vands-logoReasons for this because they are exhibiting two great vintage fashion showcases! The first is The Glamour of Italian Fashion 1945-2014 which is from April 5th till July 27th. The second is Wedding Dresses 1775-2014  which is from May 3rd till March 15th and both tickets start from £13.40. I would hurry for the Italian Glamour exhibit as they’re ALOT of fashionista about who would love to see that! I should know as I went to see Hollywood Glamour and (Vintage from the 1940’s onwards) Ballgowns and oh boy was it a struggle! For Ballgowns I got up at 5am and waited from 7am outside in the cold for the V&A to open just to get the last ticket as it was a first come first serve…I was the first to enter those giant doors and I had the security guys talking about me as they were asking “Are you the person waiting outside early this morning?, we could see you from the cameras”. As for the Glamour I made sure I didn’t go though that Ballgown hassle this time and got an early ticket! Just because the exhibition has a wide showcasing gap doesn’t mean you have all the time in the world to get your ticket!

My favourite part (apart from the obvious bit) is going to the gift shop! When I was younger I used to go on a lot of school trips which were amazing that I still remember them till this day. The sad bit was that I could never afford to go into the gift shop to buy anything as memorabilia and if by a blue moon chance I could I would only have enough for a pencil or key chain whilst I’d watch all my friends with expensive and pretty things (plus their Mum’s or Grandparents would attend the trips and buy them stuff too). I recall one time up London and I finally got to buy something beautiful, a black beaded flower bracelet with bits of red and yellow (even tho I originally had my eye set on those massive cheerleader Pom-Poms).

You can kinda see which one I was refrering to. I wish I still had the braclet! Surprisingly hard to find.

You can kinda see which one I was referring to. I wish I still had the bracelet! Surprisingly hard to find.

I went to the swing park (beyond the gift shop which now I think about it was actually a tourist shop (haha)) and lost it! I was devastated and my teachers weren’t really bothered that I lost it either. So there I was, no bracelet and ham & soggy cucumber sandwiches, bad enough I didn’t have an awesome lunch to show off but it could have been worse…no lunch and no trip!

Count those blessing and be grateful. Single parenthood ain’t easy! (So love my Ma)

Anyway! I never (or try not to) ever go to trips without going though the gift shop! Plus I really enjoy shopping.

I hope you find my V&A update helpful and I hope you didn’t find my childhood story a bore!


Happy exhibiting!


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