Pinterest Interest #12


If it weren’t a obv trend last year then it’s very clear now that more and more African/Caribbean/African American women are going natural (no not nude), natural hair. Weave/extention, Lace (etc) is a costly beauty regiment that women of colour tend to go thought to achieve their hair to become beautiful, fashionable and manageable. Now I believe women of colour have come to a time rebelling against the social norm of what’s “right” and going back to black, back to natural, back to their roots! No more long seating in the salon chair, no more expensiveness on hair and less of the pain. I am one of those women who have taken off the Brazilian piece and opted for my own and with a little oil, maintenance and a lot of love and care our hair will be as supreme as the Supremes! So why not be like every other women and have my own hair out because really…are we just growing our natural hair just for the sake of growing to the point we reach our golden years till we won’t care? In that case whats the point of having long strong grey locks when you can wear your strong lovely hair NOW!…

…and so what if you’re not great with natural? If it goes a little pear shaped just cornrow, pop on a wig and go again!


Here’s some the natural mistresses of beauty I pinned along the week (and some style ideas/tips too).

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And I save my personal fav till last…my Q.U.E.E.N!


Don’t be afraid to rock your natural beauty!

Happy Pinning your pins!


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