Battle of the Reds – MAC’s RiRi Woo, Ruby Woo, and Viva Glam Rihanna

Had to share this as I am killin’ off my current red!

Battle of the Reds – MAC’s RiRi Woo, Ruby Woo, and Viva Glam Rihanna.



Gone Ghost?


Hello! (I love this picture sooooo much!)

Just saying hello and though my title says so I have not gone ghost. In fact I have a new job as my current one shut down…finish…finito!…dead!, this new sparkly job of mine is located in one of my favourite areas of London ‘Shoreditch’ and I am a new girl selling beautiful comfortable quality shoes at Author. I got a pretty good gig going on with all the markets and vintage things all around. This BUSY new start has taken up my time but in a good way, without a wage I cannot discover nor blog for you coz there’s only so much I can discuss, make, bake, and style when I’m broke and indoors all week.

In other news I’ve created another blog…I had one set up very recently but thought I would redo a better fairer kinda blog. This new one is called “The Great British Curve” dedicated to all sizes and all races with curves! Sure it’s for women of britain but hey who’s to say it’s not for all countries…plus most of the fashion and beauty (that will be posted) would/could be accessible for you non-brits too. Hey fair is fair!

Belive me Lele still loves you and as long as I get a moment to revive myself from what feels like a 9-5 7 days a week feeling in my body I will post you something pretty (come to think of it I have been wondering around Shoreditch with my camera so I have a couple posts anyway).

I hope you understand and I will put a link on my CCAVC to TGBC too.

Happy getting things done!