Cake and Bake show 2014

Hiya cupcakes!

So I’ve been gone for a while what with me getting a new job which I kinda accept and getting over a major flu, however I did manage to attend the Cake & Bake show in Earls Court London.

I naturally underestimated time and got there at a relaxed time of 4pm (finishes at 6pm) but luckily for me and my Ma because we would have been bored. Yeah sure there were loads of stalls selling costly but beautiful inspiring cakes and such to deco gadgets and then some…but nothing “ohh ahhh” over. Plus the cake demos had no one I recognized. Shame really I wanted to take Paul Hollywood home and giggle through innuendos of our own (hahaha JK his married).

I got some great pictures too of some wonderful cakes but no stalls though as they were fussy with photography…and I forgot my good camera. In my next POTW I will display all the cool cake pictures I took with info on who created the edible art.

Overall a good day, I think I might go to a bridal show next.

Happy Exploring!

But it was an experience and I picked up a batch of cards so hopefully we’ll be visiting all that I’ve collected as well as suppliers to you too can start your business. Here’s some shows stoppers we saw which were TOO AMAZING!














Pinterest Interest #15

I kinda miss summer not that I had a great one. It would have been heaps better if I had these! A super cute caravan to get away and have tea in.






These were a few of my favourites but I got loads more Pins on my Pinterest, just click on the icon and…

Happy Pinning your Pins!