Lele Loves: How To Wear What You Want: Bodyshapes

I’m gunna tell you what I posted in my description box (on my YT)…just below the video. But enjoy watching my ramblings!

*OK! I went right off the track of this video, I wanted to tell you what you could wear such as A-line skirts and low necklines BUT instead I’m kinda sorta giving you advice (I confused myself! Sorry I ramble!) but I hope you get something from what I’m saying.

*****Long video short, make your waist defined and balance out the rest! TAH BLOODY DAH!******

If you like the idea of a Lookbook sorta thing where I present you with seasonal/themed clothing targeting your shape (i.e. workwear) please tell me in the comments below!
You wanna do a fashion DIY of something but don’t know how? You know what to do!


So how I see it is that I can only get better right?

Happy Viewing!


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