Empty plans

Don’t you hate it when you set a plan, have the goal in mind and then bail out within a few ***add duration here*** not staying true to your plans leaving yourself feeling sucky at the end?

Well welcome to my world!

Those who’ve stayed with me know that I’m a skatty blogger (and if you didn’t know then I ask you…when was the last time you seen me post a craft DYI, baking recipe or anything Vintage?); swapping, changing and adding ideas to my blog which I know I won’t keep or last coz it was on a whim.

I’ve been busting my brain on the interweb trying to become a better blogger and Youtuber, however I finally crashed in a pit of negitivity because I think I suck (likely because I compare my blogs with successful well known ones that started back when I was in college) and bail!

I need to fix this. I need a plan. If I want this blog to work and not just be another passing blog failure in my long list of deleted blogs (if you’re wondering how many I had then I’d say I had about 5 on Blogger and 3 on WordPress including CCAVC I NEED TO TAKE IT SERIOUSLY. I have to write with passion and things that I actually really love and not just pleasing the masses. How I think is if I please myself then the right people will come.

So once again I’m taking a short break on CCAVC to make sense of this. Maybe it’s time for my own domain name? Maybe it’s time I do another design? I’m not sure but all I know is that I do like writing. Just something about blogs like this makes me feel like breathing…that feel like when you write a diary entry or something.

I just really want to start the new year of right. My resolution was to be Happy and so far I’ve failed. But it’ll be okay because I’ll have a plan. I sure love to plan (can hardly keep’em tho haha).


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