Lele Loves January Sales

And this time I get to actually shop (not counting Window /Phone shopping otherwise I’d be a shopaholic) and well it’s my first time participating in “The Sales” but the way I word it I make shopping come like it’s a sport…which it is! A sport for the best bargains, coolest discounted clothing and the result of seeing how much you save compared to RRP! (I think I’m using that right haha). Not to mention the pick of the best, the time-consuming search and the try ons (and that was all I could think of but I bet there’s more…comment below if there is!). Yes! I defo had more pros than cons in the month of Jan but I havent stopped shopping yet!

Here’s my latest Lele Loves post on my 1/3 sale buys! Yeah that’s right! THREE times…practically rich.

I’ll show you the rest later on + a video on Friday!

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Happy Sale Shopping!


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