Lele Loves DIY: Bow Ribbon Jumper

A little fun DIY never hurt anyone (unless they went mad with the scissors!).


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DIY Statement Sequinned Calligraphy


Now this is a DIY that is so chic and easy it will turn water into watermelon! Ok not really…but it’s an instant fashion update without the couture price tag. In time for Fashion Week?…I think so!

What you need:

  • Stringed Sequin
  • Your Garment
  • Chalk
  • Paper or Cardboard
  • Glue (Hot glue or fabric)

You can also just handstitch the letters on which would be estimated double the time this glue virion takes however the sewing method has more staying power when washed…just saying.

First! Lay your garment flat placing your paper or cardboard INSIDE the clothing (to prevent the glue seeping though and sticking up the garment till the point you gotta tear it open to wear it) and chalk out what you wanna express in your best fancy man writing.

Second! Get your stringed sequins and follow the writing neatly (as possible) gluing as you go along. There should be no need to cut any sequins as it should be a continuous line except when you finish or have more than one thing to express.

Third! Wait till glue is dry and sequins are firmly on, then wear that baby to the moon and back!

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Happy DYI’ing!

DIY Bow hair slide

Aww! I saw this super cute thing and I just had to share! Using wool and felt it’ll look totally fetch!

See this! Cute right?!


Wish I had some felt and a glue gun to make these (sobs).
Happy Crafting!

Cute Cape DIY


Today I was on Pinterest and came across these cute Capes, one thing lead to another and there I was sewing away! I followed this simple picture (below) which basically told me everything.


Now is the time to make your own! Best of all you can have any length (and it will be still called a Cape) and it will fit (mostly) all sizes! Give it a go and I’ll show you mine that I made when I’ve finished it! Trust me it’s easy! Get creative! Now here’s some pictures to get inspired!





Happy Sewing!