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Pattern of the week!: Va Va Vintage coat

It’s dark and chilly and the shops are now stocking up on parkas, coats and other types of outerwear that I cannot remember so naturally you would hunt for that trusty warm and big coat to battle the blistering breeze…but in my case I needed to buy another coat because my only outerwear I’ve been rocking was a denim jacket.

HOWEVER there’s no way I’m spending that amount of money on just one coat especially a coat that would barely fit, flatter or be fashionable. I did one better…I looked on Ebay for a vintage coat pattern and so I found a great one although I was hesitant about how it would look on me with my big boobs.


Not bad aye? I really love this…


…And so does my little brother as he dresses up in my coat running around the house pretending to be Batman, a model or a drug addict. (Crazy).

I was wrong…and I froggin adore it! Not only does it fit, flatter and fashionable it’s vintage and when I spin it twirls as it’s a full circle!


I think I’ll sew some up…what you think?

This Butterick vintage coat pattern is at a medium difficulty (I got stuck at the top part with the whole break thing but once you understand how it’s done you’ll find it do-able) and flatters most body shapes (that I’m aware of).


Hard to tell by pictures sometimes.


But a technical drawing helps.

Heres where you can buy it:

Ebay #1 (Hurry there’s only 2 small/med left, then it’s all gone!)


Ebay #2 (From the US so it’s a little more pricey but in a 14-22…I think it’s the last)


Butterick site US (this is where I got mine after finding out that I didn’t want Ebay prices…in the end I realized that I get charged like £10 P&P even with the currency exchange!. At least you get your size and with the P&P you might as well get more patterns.)



Happy Sewing!

(Nice right? I heart the heart)



Pattern of the week! Beautiful Butterfly bow blouse/Retro 60’s

Yes I know I’m three days over a week but I’m still going to post this like it didn’t happen and you can pretend it didn’t too.

This is my Pattern Of The Week! A beautiful Blouse that I bought a while ago on the US version of McCall’s (at the time there was a sale on) and I’ve been ever so pleased with it so far. Now when I look on clothing sites I now see the blouse in store except mines cheaper and in nicer fabric (no offence and in my opinion). Look what I made!…

My beautiful butterfly bow blouse, great with most bottoms (skirts and jeans/shorts etc).

My beautiful butterfly bow blouse, great with most bottoms (skirts and jeans/shorts etc).

Collar...(not much else i can say about that).

Collar…(not much else I can say about that).

Contrasting cuff in the butterfly fabric.

Contrasting cuff in the butterfly fabric.

Pretty bow!

Pretty bow!

Floral shell buttons were aproprate.

Floral shell buttons were appropriate.

I won’t lie this pattern will get a couple of tries to get it perfect but it’s not a difficult pattern, suits body shapes that have chubs that you might want to hide and the instructions are simple enough (although I can guide you though this pattern if you ever shall buy it). Here’s the link if you would like to buy it and try it for yourself:


The blouse pattern

The blouse pattern

This pattern is from Ebay and over the USA (but still cheaper than the US site coz it’s roughly £10) but hurry because from today you have 19 days and 10 hours left! However if you miss it or you don’t like Ebay you can go to the site and if you live the UK it’s roughly £10 extra on top of the pattern sale (but the patterns are cheap because it’s the USA (US Dollars) and not GBP so there’s sorta a silver lining right?):


Now for my Outfit Of The Day! I’m feeling retro! Sixties baby to be specific! I used what I found in my room and make bag to create fun and fashion!

Outfit Of The Day! Needed something black and white with a little Mod...make do with what you got!

Outfit Of The Day! Needed something black and white with a little Mod…make do with what you got!

My 60's retro eyes without the fake lashes because it's too much for daytime and a massive backcombed hairspray updo!

My 60’s retro eyes without the fake lashes because it’s too much for daytime and a massive backcombed hairspray updo! Really my eyes are such a statement (and yours if you try it will be a stunner TRUST ME) but you can’t see it…maybe i’ll do a tutorial.

Happy stitchin’ and stylin’!


Patterns of the week! with FOOTW: Sexy wrap dresses and boleros

I was having a quick look on sale patterns because I love to sew especially for myself with easy patterns as I have a short attention span and get bored and quickly confused. I was on Simplicity patterns UK and found a wrap dress pattern similar to my own favourite outfit of the week.

This is 1/2 of my Favourite Outfit Of The Week! A simple, easy AND quick style of dress to flatter any body shape esp those who are curvy like me. You can go vintage with floral or…

...or go vintage 50's with red and white polka dots! My other favoutite!

…go vintage 50’s with red and white polka dots! My other favourite! I’ve been whipping these out all week! (not my boobs the dresses).

I used this old pattern from my mums collection of sewing patterns however i'll give you a link on a very simialr style and the best one i've seen so far.

I used this old pattern from my mothers collection however I’ll give you a link on a very similar style and the best one I’ve seen so far.

This dress really hides all the lumps, bumps  and fits around your humps to give you a sexy shape. Look you can’t even see the madness coming thought my dress it’s all an illusion! MUWHAHA! Anyway here’s the link:


And now for the next Pattern of the week! It’s a sexy bolero! Great for the vintage minded and slightly body conscious because not only does it suit you oh so well but it helps those arms (now I call my arms Angel Wings because I’m a chubby Angel instead of that ugly Bingo Wings…I ain’t not chicken coz I can’t eat me!). Here’s the link:


If you do decide to buy these lovely patterns and need a little help feel free to contact me or if you like I’ll post a HOW TO step by step so we’re sewing together just like in school only you can turn up late like I usually am.

Happy Sewing, Happy styling!