Lele Loves January Sales

And this time I get to actually shop (not counting Window /Phone shopping otherwise I’d be a shopaholic) and well it’s my first time participating in “The Sales” but the way I word it I make shopping come like it’s a sport…which it is! A sport for the best bargains, coolest discounted clothing and the result of seeing how much you save compared to RRP! (I think I’m using that right haha). Not to mention the pick of the best, the time-consuming search and the try ons (and that was all I could think of but I bet there’s more…comment below if there is!). Yes! I defo had more pros than cons in the month of Jan but I havent stopped shopping yet!

Here’s my latest Lele Loves post on my 1/3 sale buys! Yeah that’s right! THREE times…practically rich.

I’ll show you the rest later on + a video on Friday!

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Happy Sale Shopping!


Lele Loves: Outfit Of The Month

My OOTM. I wore this outfit for my Mothers birthday. Another great night of eating, drinking, sleeping and eating.

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Lele Loves: How To Wear What You Want: Bodyshapes

I’m gunna tell you what I posted in my description box (on my YT)…just below the video. But enjoy watching my ramblings!

*OK! I went right off the track of this video, I wanted to tell you what you could wear such as A-line skirts and low necklines BUT instead I’m kinda sorta giving you advice (I confused myself! Sorry I ramble!) but I hope you get something from what I’m saying.

*****Long video short, make your waist defined and balance out the rest! TAH BLOODY DAH!******

If you like the idea of a Lookbook sorta thing where I present you with seasonal/themed clothing targeting your shape (i.e. workwear) please tell me in the comments below!
You wanna do a fashion DIY of something but don’t know how? You know what to do!


So how I see it is that I can only get better right?

Happy Viewing!