I’ve not posted anything in months. I’ve left my readers in space, sorry about that. I’ll be back and posting like how a true blogger should. This blog will have an update and more professional content. I am likely to delete my old content (possibly refresh some good posts) and start anew in the new year. The same goes for my YouTube vlog as video posts will be uploaded. Thank you for your time and for your loyalty to continue to read and or watch. The content will be more or less the same. I still love my craft, cupcakes and vintage clothing.

Love Leah aka Lele loves



Empty plans

Don’t you hate it when you set a plan, have the goal in mind and then bail out within a few ***add duration here*** not staying true to your plans leaving yourself feeling sucky at the end?

Well welcome to my world!

Those who’ve stayed with me know that I’m a skatty blogger (and if you didn’t know then I ask you…when was the last time you seen me post a craft DYI, baking recipe or anything Vintage?); swapping, changing and adding ideas to my blog which I know I won’t keep or last coz it was on a whim.

I’ve been busting my brain on the interweb trying to become a better blogger and Youtuber, however I finally crashed in a pit of negitivity because I think I suck (likely because I compare my blogs with successful well known ones that started back when I was in college) and bail!

I need to fix this. I need a plan. If I want this blog to work and not just be another passing blog failure in my long list of deleted blogs (if you’re wondering how many I had then I’d say I had about 5 on Blogger and 3 on WordPress including CCAVC I NEED TO TAKE IT SERIOUSLY. I have to write with passion and things that I actually really love and not just pleasing the masses. How I think is if I please myself then the right people will come.

So once again I’m taking a short break on CCAVC to make sense of this. Maybe it’s time for my own domain name? Maybe it’s time I do another design? I’m not sure but all I know is that I do like writing. Just something about blogs like this makes me feel like breathing…that feel like when you write a diary entry or something.

I just really want to start the new year of right. My resolution was to be Happy and so far I’ve failed. But it’ll be okay because I’ll have a plan. I sure love to plan (can hardly keep’em tho haha).

Plus Size Fashion Blogger

My goal, my plan, it’s kinda what I do (that and baking, PI and some random craft). Ever since I graduated I’ve been looking for my dream job, uno something that I love doing and that will earn. I hear all these PSF bloggers making their way with great patience and I just love it. It will take time and I really dunno how to keep up a daily blog AND Youtube channel but I’m going to try to succeed with a natural thought-out plan. I got patience too, if I know that I’m doing the right thing (I’m giving myself a year) then I’ll continue till I’ll get somewhere. All fashion/style pics will be under the category Clothing from now on.

It’s nice to have dreams, even nicer to have a goal for that dream.

Thanks for reading!

Happy dream chasing!

Pinterest Interest #16


Well I was watching TV in my cute quaint room and I saw that Heinz Ad about their Tomato Soup and all I could look at was the lady’s kitchen. One thing lead to another and I got a Pinterest Interest! Here are my dream kitchen ideas!







I’m going to get my dream kitchen. One day…

Happy Pinning your Pins!