Trendin’ Tuesdays: Knitting


It’s relaxing, crafty and great for the cold seasons. We all know Crotchet and the regular version but look what I saw…



Aren’t these cool! I really wanna find out how to do them both, maybe add them to an outfit or make it into accessories so if you know any good tips or videos please comment. Get into the knitting spirit and wear your creations with pride! Plus it’s too cute how you can make stuffed animals. Love it!

Happy Trendin’!


Trendin Tuesdays: Jewels

Yes as expected Jewel tones will reign over, overflow on trend and slay for glamorous style and cosy brights! So posh it up and express your #jewel gems! Now here’s some inspiration to help you imagine your Autumn inner sparkle.











Happy Trendin’!

Trendin’ Tuesdays: #Autumn


Beautiful isn’t it?

Trendin’ Tuesdays! Well I think the Autumn season is a trend itself. What with all those boots, jumpers and coats selling up we a nation will be more ready for the cold than a bird flying south or me storing food in my tummy for hibernation.

So dress yourself #Autumn and hashtag away!

Happy Trendin’!

Trendin’ Tuesdays: #festival


Yes another year another festival so I’m just going to show you some of my fashion festival favs because…I have a craft in mind. Don’t worry my next post on this will be longer.

DIY accessory...self explanitory

DIY accessory…kinda self explanatory

So chic n easy

So chic n easy, effortless

Even curves can go festival too

Even curves can go festival too

ummmm....interesting look.

ummmm….interesting look.

And do you remember my Rose Crown DIY? A great look for this sorta thing.

So if you gotta look the part and got a festival comin’ up or just feel like dressing 70’s hippie chic rather than just Hipster Geek then stay posted!

#festival #lelelovesfestival

Happy Trendin’

Trendin’ Tuesdays: Big Band Covers


Well I’m sure everyone has seen that Vintage Big Band cover of Beyoncé’s Drunk in Love song on YouTube and maybe the rest of the up-to-date songs sung in Post modern Vintage Big Band style such as Pitbull/Ke$ha’s Timber and Katy Perry’s Roar!.

This all comes from Scott Bradlee Loves Ya (all one word) and I have already subscribed from the first song! I now play all Scott Bradlee and the Postmodern Jukebox tunes every evening when I come home from work eagerly awaiting for a new upload (which is every Tuesday)! I love how they have made the songs better than the original! I can tell this is going to be a very popular trend happening in our modern vintage world, bringing the current “BACK”.

Defo go subscribe, like and comment! Show your support and love of good taste in oldie-newy-new music! Also check out their website too (links on the name, Yeah I do that now).

So trend on #scottbradleelovesya! and go get them on ITunes!

Happy Singin’, Swingin’ and Trendin’!

Trendin’ Tuesdays: #AccStack

Ever had an outfit and two or more of your accessories go with it? Behold a piece of individualism for Trendin’ Tuesdays! Accessory Stacking but more importantly the WATCH! A lot of the trends for accessories forget about the chic and useful simplicity of the watch so why not let us make it cool for a while before we got back to our bangles and bracelets.

Why not wear them all? Better yet (but unnessary) set them each a different time zone?

Why not wear them all? Better yet (but unnecessary) set them each a different time zone?

This week why not give our wrists quirky sophistication and go excessive with this accessory! Show your watch some press and trend #AccStack!

I saw a few candy/vintage time pieces on Asos earlier this week, unfortunately the prices did not agree with my purse but it’s a must for me to buy them all, wear them all and trend them all with love!

Show me some love @leleloves72…#Watch my #AccStack attack!

Happy Trendin’!