Empty plans

Don’t you hate it when you set a plan, have the goal in mind and then bail out within a few ***add duration here*** not staying true to your plans leaving yourself feeling sucky at the end?

Well welcome to my world!

Those who’ve stayed with me know that I’m a skatty blogger (and if you didn’t know then I ask you…when was the last time you seen me post a craft DYI, baking recipe or anything Vintage?); swapping, changing and adding ideas to my blog which I know I won’t keep or last coz it was on a whim.

I’ve been busting my brain on the interweb trying to become a better blogger and Youtuber, however I finally crashed in a pit of negitivity because I think I suck (likely because I compare my blogs with successful well known ones that started back when I was in college) and bail!

I need to fix this. I need a plan. If I want this blog to work and not just be another passing blog failure in my long list of deleted blogs (if you’re wondering how many I had then I’d say I had about 5 on Blogger and 3 on WordPress including CCAVC I NEED TO TAKE IT SERIOUSLY. I have to write with passion and things that I actually really love and not just pleasing the masses. How I think is if I please myself then the right people will come.

So once again I’m taking a short break on CCAVC to make sense of this. Maybe it’s time for my own domain name? Maybe it’s time I do another design? I’m not sure but all I know is that I do like writing. Just something about blogs like this makes me feel like breathing…that feel like when you write a diary entry or something.

I just really want to start the new year of right. My resolution was to be Happy and so far I’ve failed. But it’ll be okay because I’ll have a plan. I sure love to plan (can hardly keep’em tho haha).


Lately on Youtube…

As you know I’ve temporarily stopped posting on CCAVC so I could kick-start my Youtube Channel Lele Loves. The new year is approaching quicker than you can say ‘catcha cat’ and I want to return to writing and not leave as I have committed Subscribers on here (and when you have solid subs reppin’ you, you can’t let that go. #InternetFam). So come the new year I’ll be back and i’ll still be uploading my videos too. If you didn’t get to check it out on Youtube I’ll be posting my latest videos in the LELELOVES section of CCAVC.

Thanks for sticking around and DO check out my YT Channel and SUBSCRIBE as I’d like to GIVEAWAY prizes for all my loyal followers. Basically Subscribe to win a prize! (more or less).

Happy to be back!

Lele Loves Vlogging

Yes I’ve been gone long! BUT! I’m on Youtube seriously. Not like here and there! I may not post but I will upload on here and Youtube! Please Subscribe, Like and Comment because it’s likely that most things covered on CCAVC will be in video form! Good news for those who like to watch rather than read!

Loving the support tho!


Lele loves YOU!

Thank you Followers!


Thank you! Thank you! Thank youuuuuuu! I reached just over 100 followers and you all have made me feel so awesome! Keep on following and I’ll do my best to give you all things Crafty, Cupcakey and Vintage…y.


Happy Anniversary!


Happy Anniversary! A year went quick right? Seems like yesterday I was posting random stuff (which was actually yesterday) and now 1 year old with promise of commitment and more CCAVC goodness! Keep on subscribing and say hello to the Youtube posts!

Lele Loves You!


Gone Ghost?


Hello! (I love this picture sooooo much!)

Just saying hello and though my title says so I have not gone ghost. In fact I have a new job as my current one shut down…finish…finito!…dead!, this new sparkly job of mine is located in one of my favourite areas of London ‘Shoreditch’ and I am a new girl selling beautiful comfortable quality shoes at Author. I got a pretty good gig going on with all the markets and vintage things all around. This BUSY new start has taken up my time but in a good way, without a wage I cannot discover nor blog for you coz there’s only so much I can discuss, make, bake, and style when I’m broke and indoors all week.

In other news I’ve created another blog…I had one set up very recently but thought I would redo a better fairer kinda blog. This new one is called “The Great British Curve” dedicated to all sizes and all races with curves! Sure it’s for women of britain but hey who’s to say it’s not for all countries…plus most of the fashion and beauty (that will be posted) would/could be accessible for you non-brits too. Hey fair is fair!

Belive me Lele still loves you and as long as I get a moment to revive myself from what feels like a 9-5 7 days a week feeling in my body I will post you something pretty (come to think of it I have been wondering around Shoreditch with my camera so I have a couple posts anyway).

I hope you understand and I will put a link on my CCAVC to TGBC too.

Happy getting things done!