Dye’in for coloured hair


This Barbie doll looks awesome! #DivaDoll #DarkSkinColouredHair

I was all over my Pinterest and Tumblr looking at coloured hair (but more specifically coloured hair on dark skin #DarkSkinColouredHair) and I found all kinds of hair-spiration that I just needed to try! I really want to dye my hair or try a different look, plus I find it thrilling of going pastel for spring (yeah it’s not outrageous but I’ve only been one colour like FOREVER!).  Take a look…

Love the full frow!

Love the full fro!

Even a subtle colour shouts beauty!

Even a subtle colour shouts beauty!

This ruby red fro is LOVELY!

This ruby-red fro is LOVELY!

SERIOUSLY...this is my natural hair goal.

SERIOUSLY…this is my natural hair goal.

Never be afrid of colour, even GREEN. With enough confidence you can work any colour!

Never be afraid of colour, even GREEN. With enough confidence you can work any colour!

Crazy for this Kawaii look!

Crazy for this Kawaii look!

x Kawaii Kool x

x Kawaii Kool x

Love this dark-roots-blonde-high-bun with bangs that Riri is sporting!

Love this dark-roots-blonde-high-bun with bangs that Riri is sporting!

Even down it's fab!

Even down it’s fab!

This would be great for something simple to test the waters of hair dying plus I'm  rockin' bangs.

This would be great for something simple to test the waters of hair dying plus I’m rockin’ bangs.

Maybe i'll go full colour. This is so bold!

Maybe I’ll go full colour. This is so bold!

So bold! I miss my side sweep/ Scene style. Always a winner.

So bold! I miss my side sweep/ Scene style. Always a winner.

So chic!

So chic! #AllSkinAllShades







This is how Blonde is DONE!

This is how Blonde is DONE!

Super kool x

Super kool x

Such a sweet Vintage style. Killin' it with the bows I'm I right?!

Such a sweet Vintage style. Killin’ it with the bows I’m I right?!

First colour I'm going for is this PURPLE! A must have!

First colour I’m going for is this PURPLE! A must have!

HEY! If you know the Bloggers from these pics let me know so I can link them to their blogs! Such beauty deserves to be recognized other than Pinterest!

Do you have a colour that you want to dye your hair in? Yeah? Then do tell me the colour and what was your Hair-spiration? Or Nah!…WHY!? Was it a BIG mistake? Do tell.

OOH! If you want…SHOW ME so I can blog YOU! Tag with either #AllTonesAllShades or #DarkSkinColouredHair (I like hashtags, not sure if you noticed).

Thanks for reading!

Happy Dyein’!


Nailed the Novelty

I was on Avon UK’s Instagram and look I instantly snapped the sweet novelty nail designs to recreate myself! These look pretty easy to recreate without an How To (plus I written up a How To and somehow I managed to delete itself so now I can’t be asked…sorry). So cute right!









Happy Painting!

Little Nan’s has a club!


A cocktail club and not a rave. Can you imagine your nana cutting shapes?…(maybe)

Little update to say that Little Nan’s Bar (Deptford) has now opened up to the beautiful public (us) another splendourful cocktail establishment for us to drink and socialize! I prayed that there would be another wonderful drinking haven and now we got it, which is situated in Brockley (the other side…so next to LESOCO aka Lewisham College).

Upstairs at the Talbot, 2 Tyrwhitt Road, Brockley, SE4 1QG London, United Kingdom

Upstairs at the Talbot, 2 Tyrwhitt Road, Brockley, SE4 1QG London, United Kingdom

Please do visit the Facebook page Little Nan’s Cocktail Club, attend the grand opening today from 5pm-11pm and join the club!


Happy clubin’ and cocktalin’!

Pinterest Interest #12


If it weren’t a obv trend last year then it’s very clear now that more and more African/Caribbean/African American women are going natural (no not nude), natural hair. Weave/extention, Lace (etc) is a costly beauty regiment that women of colour tend to go thought to achieve their hair to become beautiful, fashionable and manageable. Now I believe women of colour have come to a time rebelling against the social norm of what’s “right” and going back to black, back to natural, back to their roots! No more long seating in the salon chair, no more expensiveness on hair and less of the pain. I am one of those women who have taken off the Brazilian piece and opted for my own and with a little oil, maintenance and a lot of love and care our hair will be as supreme as the Supremes! So why not be like every other women and have my own hair out because really…are we just growing our natural hair just for the sake of growing to the point we reach our golden years till we won’t care? In that case whats the point of having long strong grey locks when you can wear your strong lovely hair NOW!…

…and so what if you’re not great with natural? If it goes a little pear shaped just cornrow, pop on a wig and go again!


Here’s some the natural mistresses of beauty I pinned along the week (and some style ideas/tips too).

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And I save my personal fav till last…my Q.U.E.E.N!


Don’t be afraid to rock your natural beauty!

Happy Pinning your pins!

The Big Boobie challenge: Boob school!


Mum said I cannot get a bra that looks beautiful, fits wonderfully and is not pound stealing…I took on The Big Boobie Challenge aka “ha ha in your face Ma” challenge! I will also be shimming my girls as a victory dance.

Before I can go on the hunt I need to know MY BRA SIZE so I hopped to Google, bra fitting and hello Bravissimo where they have BRA SCHOOL educating boobies of the nation! Have a look!

Let us all take on the challenge today and find the support and bra beauty!

Happy shopping!

How to love YOU



Throughout my life I struggled with self-love and loving myself, not just my body but me as a person too. One thing I always did was compare myself to others even if the people I was comparing myself to was totally different from me (I.E. older, slimmer, Caucasian). Now I still have troubles with this but not as much as I did at school/college so I’m not here to post a success story I’m just giving a little snippet into my mental state (and believe me this is really a snippet!) and to give a little advise which might help for those constant, few or odd down days where you just feel like crap!


  1. STOP IMMEDIATELY comparing yourself or situation to others. You don’t have their life, methods, genes whatever. THIS IS DESTROYING YOU! The things you do will come at the pace it’s suppose to come and love what you got, be grateful that you’re not in a worse state! Remember all that time focusing on them leaves no time for you, it’s all about YOU now!
  2. Tell yourself your beautiful and mean it everyday until you finally get it!
  3. Make yourself feel good/sexy/special. Give yourself a treat (cookie?), dress a little nicer (please do wear that shapewear and work it!) or buy yourself something you want NOT need (cookie…oh I said that…ermmm…shoes AND a cookie).
  4. Get away from the haters and negs! And don’t you dare become your own hater! Don’t talk smack about yourself regardless of the situation DON’T GO THERE!
  5. Do something fun which can be active such as Hoola hooping, dancing, bowling, cycle though the park listening to music, walk though markets/shopping centers uno all that good stuff which makes you up and about!

I will be posting more self-healing posts when I find great ones that will better US in the future. Just take it one day at a time and try not to overthink, life is too short for overthinking.


If you can’t LOSE IT then USE IT, if you can’t SHAPE IT then CREATE IT! – LeleLoves

Happy Self Loving! (Lele loves you now you you too)