The Big Boobie challenge: Boob school!


Mum said I cannot get a bra that looks beautiful, fits wonderfully and is not pound stealing…I took on The Big Boobie Challenge aka “ha ha in your face Ma” challenge! I will also be shimming my girls as a victory dance.

Before I can go on the hunt I need to know MY BRA SIZE so I hopped to Google, bra fitting and hello Bravissimo where they have BRA SCHOOL educating boobies of the nation! Have a look!

Let us all take on the challenge today and find the support and bra beauty!

Happy shopping!


How to love YOU



Throughout my life I struggled with self-love and loving myself, not just my body but me as a person too. One thing I always did was compare myself to others even if the people I was comparing myself to was totally different from me (I.E. older, slimmer, Caucasian). Now I still have troubles with this but not as much as I did at school/college so I’m not here to post a success story I’m just giving a little snippet into my mental state (and believe me this is really a snippet!) and to give a little advise which might help for those constant, few or odd down days where you just feel like crap!


  1. STOP IMMEDIATELY comparing yourself or situation to others. You don’t have their life, methods, genes whatever. THIS IS DESTROYING YOU! The things you do will come at the pace it’s suppose to come and love what you got, be grateful that you’re not in a worse state! Remember all that time focusing on them leaves no time for you, it’s all about YOU now!
  2. Tell yourself your beautiful and mean it everyday until you finally get it!
  3. Make yourself feel good/sexy/special. Give yourself a treat (cookie?), dress a little nicer (please do wear that shapewear and work it!) or buy yourself something you want NOT need (cookie…oh I said that…ermmm…shoes AND a cookie).
  4. Get away from the haters and negs! And don’t you dare become your own hater! Don’t talk smack about yourself regardless of the situation DON’T GO THERE!
  5. Do something fun which can be active such as Hoola hooping, dancing, bowling, cycle though the park listening to music, walk though markets/shopping centers uno all that good stuff which makes you up and about!

I will be posting more self-healing posts when I find great ones that will better US in the future. Just take it one day at a time and try not to overthink, life is too short for overthinking.


If you can’t LOSE IT then USE IT, if you can’t SHAPE IT then CREATE IT! – LeleLoves

Happy Self Loving! (Lele loves you now you you too)


Goody bag codes!

I found my goody bag from British Plus Size Fashion Week 2014 and found discount cards for different plus size clothing shops. Here’s the shops and expiry dates:

  • Topsy curvy 10% off, ex. Unknown
  • C.W. Sellors Fine Jewellery 10% off, ex. Unknown
  • EVANS 10% off (when you spend £50), ex. 16/03/14
  • SLiNK Boutique 15% off, ex. Unknown
  • Yours Clothing 15% off, ex. Unknown

So if you feel like shopping and want a code (hopefully they all work) let me know BEFORE the expiration date runs out! Tell me which one you want and you can find my details listed on CONTACT on the menu bar.

(If you’re wondering why I haven’t used them It’s simply because I am fabulously broke)

Happy shopping!

The Most 10 Of Nothing!

(I was researching on what Plus Size Women want to wear and came across this post on The Most 10 and was annoyed so I ranted a lil)

They wrote:

I wrote:

Some of these rules suck! Suck so hard! OK! High waist all the time, if you wanna show off your arms then do so! If you love and accept your body and feel comfortable then that should be it and screw the negative! Wear whatever damn top you want! Cotton, Cotton stretch are your best friends when it comes to fabrics but if in doubt go visit a plus size clothing line and see what they use (but I wear whatever so get to know your body shape!!!!), wear any accessory, wear fitted not tight, wear comfortable not loosey goosey! And for pitty sakes colour is good! BASICALLY be confident! IF you can’t lose it then use it (own your chubs, don’t let it own you!), Wear great SUPPORTING underwear coz it ALWAYS helps and BE HAPPY!

So, yeah…some of the tips kinda suck, I see where they’re coming from but I ask…

Why can’t I dress normal like the other women? I have so much rules…

I can and I will so deal with it negative nellys! If I can’t find a place to shop I’ll make it myself!

I’m going to design and soon they’ll see! *evil laugh*

Happy self loving!

Plus Size Fashion Weekend


British official and sponsored by Evans! Yep this is an event to go to Ladies! With Fashions shows, markets (and you know how much I love markets!), VIP and an after party it’s awesome!

Following an exclusive press launch on Friday 14th February, British Plus Size Fashion Weekend will be open to all on Saturday 15th February, bringing attendees the ultimate plus size fashion experience. There will be four fashion shows throughout the day including a retailer show, indie designers, Plus Size Bridal Wear and Beach & Swimwear, as well as product and brand launches, a VIP gifting lounge and special guest appearances from plus size industry models, bloggers and advocates. Evans will be the main attraction at the fashion show lots of fabulous outfits and some extra special models too! – Evans Fashion Fix

“I wish I was a plus size model, well-known blogger & designer…” is what I said 2013! I am a fashion designer & plus size model that blogs! I am a VIP! I am going to the event! ALL THE FABOULOUS PEOPLE THAT ARE SEMI-FAMOUS SAY “I’m going, it’s happening, deal with it!” (I like to think it’s my own non-over-used YOLO, bit of a mouthful tho.)

Sorry I went a bit off there…Here’s the link:

Yeah! So have fun, I’m defo going and gunna bring my Ma with me!

Happy self loving!

Pattern of the Week!: The Decade Dress

1940’s/1950’s of course and I havent done a POTW in a very long time and as I’m sewing away in a shop in my little corner I thought why not take a selfie of my almost finished garment and show you!

I'm loving this pattern and it's not difficult either. I think Butterick is my fav because the instrutions are easy to follow and the designs are so great. So much to choose from! Here's my very poor selfie just to show you what I'm working with at the moment.

I’m loving this pattern and it’s not difficult either. I think Butterick is my fav because the instructions are easy to follow and the designs are so great. So much to choose from! Here’s my very poor selfie just to show you what I’m working with at the moment.

In the week I also made up a finished dress (just like what i'm wearing but in nicer pricer fabric) to sell...I make plus size vintage clothing so if youre interested or wanna tell me what curvy girls need to wear feel free to email me on

In the week I also made up a finished dress (just like what I’m wearing but in nicer pricey-er fabric) to sell…I sew plus size vintage clothing so if you’re interested or wanna tell me what curvy girls need to wear feel free to email me on

Great stuff! I will have to whip these out in the spring time with some florals FORGET ABOUT IT! Love it!

Great stuff! I will have to whip these out in the spring time with some florals FORGET ABOUT IT! Love it!

Now where to get yours! (this is where I got mine…great site!):

I hope this POTW will give you great ideas for yourself and perhaps a winner to wear at a Christmas party!

Happy Holidays and Sewing!

Gatsby Week: Fashion

Time to dance the Charleston girls as we find an inexpensive way to 20’s up your wardrobe!
You want to wear anything sequined, beaded or tassels. Free flowing (I can’t be sure about draping tho…)

I would simply get and item of clothing (loose-ish top, shift dress and yes trousers wore worn at that time!) that is non fitting and a sparkly trim to represent the sequin/beading and some tassels for a bit of shake. I’ve pinned some pins!

The Rules!

The Rules! Pretty much tells you how it went down…better than me copy and pasting Wiki words!

Beads and sequins!

Beads and sequins! And tassels! I won’t for get them. Beading and stitching sequins is far too long but sure is beautiful!


Glamour, with a do full of hair slides and heart full of dreams (I assume).



Now for the highstreet (and online)!

Sexy embellished shift dress from Evans at £55! The deco is SO 1920 and it’s not dull (coz whenever I think plus size clothing IN GENERAL I think boring dull coloured capes which is kinda sad and true so I’m quite pleased!):[209534|209530]&bi=1&ps=200

I thought Forever 21 (UK) would have something, shame. I bet Forever 21 (US) would do…they always do! I know! I look! Just like…

Modcloth! And once your go onto the Gatsby Garb section you’ll want to buy everything!!! (I always keep a currency converter tab on Google open just to see how much it’ll cost plus P&P…oh my words and whispers overseas P&P is a BI…! But it’s under a tenner so I won’t complain anymore…).

My fav! ASOS baby! (why did I say baby?)

Awesome sequin shift dress at £50! Good ol’ ASOS! (not that bad right? You keep it for life depending how you care for it! Plus I saw another dress that was also shift for £21 and it was just so boring but I thought I should say):

And might I say New Look are doing it so right…take a look (good luck fighting for the plus sizes!):

If you do find something better, create something better or tell me an upside to Forever 21 (UK) tell or send me a pic @leleloves72 via Twitter!

Happy shopping!