Little Nan’s has a club!


A cocktail club and not a rave. Can you imagine your nana cutting shapes?…(maybe)

Little update to say that Little Nan’s Bar (Deptford) has now opened up to the beautiful public (us) another splendourful cocktail establishment for us to drink and socialize! I prayed that there would be another wonderful drinking haven and now we got it, which is situated in Brockley (the other side…so next to LESOCO aka Lewisham College).

Upstairs at the Talbot, 2 Tyrwhitt Road, Brockley, SE4 1QG London, United Kingdom

Upstairs at the Talbot, 2 Tyrwhitt Road, Brockley, SE4 1QG London, United Kingdom

Please do visit the Facebook page Little Nan’s Cocktail Club, attend the grand opening today from 5pm-11pm and join the club!


Happy clubin’ and cocktalin’!


Great day to go the V&A!

vands-logoReasons for this because they are exhibiting two great vintage fashion showcases! The first is The Glamour of Italian Fashion 1945-2014 which is from April 5th till July 27th. The second is Wedding Dresses 1775-2014  which is from May 3rd till March 15th and both tickets start from £13.40. I would hurry for the Italian Glamour exhibit as they’re ALOT of fashionista about who would love to see that! I should know as I went to see Hollywood Glamour and (Vintage from the 1940’s onwards) Ballgowns and oh boy was it a struggle! For Ballgowns I got up at 5am and waited from 7am outside in the cold for the V&A to open just to get the last ticket as it was a first come first serve…I was the first to enter those giant doors and I had the security guys talking about me as they were asking “Are you the person waiting outside early this morning?, we could see you from the cameras”. As for the Glamour I made sure I didn’t go though that Ballgown hassle this time and got an early ticket! Just because the exhibition has a wide showcasing gap doesn’t mean you have all the time in the world to get your ticket!

My favourite part (apart from the obvious bit) is going to the gift shop! When I was younger I used to go on a lot of school trips which were amazing that I still remember them till this day. The sad bit was that I could never afford to go into the gift shop to buy anything as memorabilia and if by a blue moon chance I could I would only have enough for a pencil or key chain whilst I’d watch all my friends with expensive and pretty things (plus their Mum’s or Grandparents would attend the trips and buy them stuff too). I recall one time up London and I finally got to buy something beautiful, a black beaded flower bracelet with bits of red and yellow (even tho I originally had my eye set on those massive cheerleader Pom-Poms).

You can kinda see which one I was refrering to. I wish I still had the braclet! Surprisingly hard to find.

You can kinda see which one I was referring to. I wish I still had the bracelet! Surprisingly hard to find.

I went to the swing park (beyond the gift shop which now I think about it was actually a tourist shop (haha)) and lost it! I was devastated and my teachers weren’t really bothered that I lost it either. So there I was, no bracelet and ham & soggy cucumber sandwiches, bad enough I didn’t have an awesome lunch to show off but it could have been worse…no lunch and no trip!

Count those blessing and be grateful. Single parenthood ain’t easy! (So love my Ma)

Anyway! I never (or try not to) ever go to trips without going though the gift shop! Plus I really enjoy shopping.

I hope you find my V&A update helpful and I hope you didn’t find my childhood story a bore!


Happy exhibiting!

The Nannyiest place on Earth


Oh My Grandma! Last years most fondest memories weren’t spent playing happy days in the summertime with my new boyfriend or showcasing my fashion show with my own creative collection and passing University; NO! It was discovering Little Nans bar and literally falling head over midi-heels in love with cocktails with freakin epic names!

I simply cannot tell you how much I adore this place so I have to tell you in dots;

  • Everything is Granny chic! To the windowssss, to the waaalls! (sorry broke into song there but really everywhere tho, absolutely beautiful)
  • I’ve been banned from Little Nans (by my BF coz he doesn’t understand my love for Nanna and he never will. Y’all know a Nannas love is priceless right?)
  • They sell tasty tea time treats (yesssss cupcakes and such! And at a very reasonable price (and I’m a cheapo chick)…hell! At times It’s for free!)
  • It’s in Deptford! (the new SHOREDITCH so get your ass down there and make it happen people)
  • The cocktails are served in teapots and teacups (ohhhh yeahhhh, I went there for my first time and I had The Sir Del Trotter* and it was served in a big teapot which the spout was a dog with an open mouth. Every time I poured a cup I was pretending it was hurling up tasty juice…so funny in my defence but I was a tipsy coz I drank most of it even tho I was sharing with my BF)
The best cuppa you'll ever have!

The best cuppa you’ll ever have!

ROYALS! They aaporve! From a family of a famous nanna to another!

ROYALS! They approve! From a family of a famous Nanna to another!

BTW this is not the drink I mentioned coz the one I mentioned had fruits, umbrellas and sparkles in the cup...this is Little Nan Loves You More*. Yum

BTW this is not the drink I mentioned coz the one I mentioned had fruits, umbrellas and sparkles in the cup…this is Little Nan Loves You More*. Yum

  • Funky tunes! (Vintage, Retro, Gaga, whatever…great playlist!)
  • Secret entrance (It’s undercover coz you would never think it’s a bar…but I won’t spoil the surprise for you but all I’m saying is believe what Google maps is telling you. If it’s there then that’s where it is…not like me searching and searching saying “Is this where it is? Is this correct? I HATE YOU GOOGLE! Y’ALL KNOW NOTHING!)
  • Nans Grandson and her Lovelies (you know when you meet people for the first time and you can sense whether the person is nice or just rubbish by their presence and how they make you feel? Well I love the Nannas team (#TeamNanna). I never met a nicer, friendlier bunch of people!!! If you don’t go there for the drink then go for them and have a chat, show support coz they’re awesome! I know coz on the first time me visiting I asked for a job and I already have 3!)
  • POP UP EVENTS (need I explain more? ATTENTION PEOPLE!! NEWS FROM Little Nans…

“Hello my dears! It’s my Cream Tea Cocktail party on Sunday 1pm – 5pm xx”

  • Other things and such…(…as area reserves FREE Thurs-Sat and available for private hire Sun-Wed from £20 per hour, experience courses*, all you can drink party from £25 per person and also available for photo shoots*

Okay so the point is that Little Nans bar is wonderful! I die of happiness (if that’s a thing) every time I go and I’m pretty sure you would too!

Picture time!

The bar window! It's like being a nosey neighbour but hey welcome you.

The bar window! It’s like being a nosey neighbour but hey welcome you.

Simply love the lamp shades (I bought one but not from them...from a boot sale but you can have a piece of Nana like deco on Ebay!) #AintNoPartyLikeMyLittleNansTeaParty

Simply love the lamp shades (I bought one but not from them…from a boot sale but you can have a piece of Nana like deco on Ebay!) #ThereAintNoPartyLikeMyLittleNansTeaParty

Don't be tempted...

Don’t be tempted…

...Nana means business!

OOOOOH! SIPPY CUP! Nana means business!

Told ya to tha walls!

Told ya to tha walls!

Cosy seating!

Cosy seating!

*update* My fav drink is Barbie Girl! It tastes like candy pretty pinkness and they got popping candy in it too!! Love the feeling...I'm sticking my tongue out at people telling them to listen to my mouth!

*update* My favourite drink is Barbie Girl! It tastes like candy pretty pinkness and they got popping candy in it too!! Love the feeling…I’m sticking my tongue out at people telling them to listen to my mouth!

Where?: 46 Deptford Broadway, London, SE8 4PH, England

Times?: 6:00pm – 11:00 pm Thurs – Saturday

Call?: 07792 205 375


Cost?: Vary up till £19* (£14- £19 pitcher teapot*)

*I’m unsure if this is still current so feel free to check them out on and call for more info OR follow them on Twitter @Littlenansbar and support them.

Have fun and don’t be like me, drink responsibly!

Happy cakin’ and cocktailing!

Judy’s at Spitalfields Vintage fair!

(Spit-in-a-field…s. Moving on.)

There’s a Judy’s Vintage Fair up Spitalfields on SATURDAY 5th OCTOBER and intend on not missing this one (now all I gotta do is save up enough from £6…how tragic).

Location!: Old Spitalfields Market, 65 Brushfield Street, London, E1 6AA

Times!: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Entry is FREEE yes! FREE like the best things in life such as this fair!

For more info go onto the site:

And for more stuff like compertions, news and other things that I don’t know about but want to know about goto this site:’S AT SPITALFIELDS

Have good fair fun!

Happy shopping!

What the frock!

Yeah what the frock! Not only am I missing LFW I’m not up-to-date with the retro/vintage news. For pitty sakes I’m missing all the vintage fairs! If you’re like me (and oh my gosh I hope not) and want the low down on all things retro and vintage here’s some things you might wanna sign up to and visit.

Clerkenwell Vintage Fashion Fair

Mentioned by London Fashion Week (and yes I missed it how sucky am I?!). I want to get my bargain on! #thriftbaby!

The Grand Vintage Fair

I have not yet gone but when I do you’ll hear about it, read about it and get totally sick of me going on about till your like “For goodness sakes women SHUT U- ooh that’s nice”. Don’t worry the info is on the page. #Allaboutindependantbusiness

The Vintage Guide to London

I go on here most of the time, it’s so great (what’s crazy is when I don’t and I miss something cool!) #getittogethergirl.

Judy’s vintage fair

Can never go to too many fairs right? #vintagefairs

Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair

The Vintage Clothing Kilo Sale

Pop Up Vintage Fairs

Old Spitalfields Market

Coz’ we love a good ol’ market right? On that subject of markets…

Check out Deptford Market located at 200 Deptford High St  London SE8 3PR  every WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY*, don’t be rolling up to the market at whatever time coz’ you’ll miss all the cool stuff (times are 8:00am till 2:00pm-ish*). I’ve kinda sorta not really banned myself from there because I’m a junkie for Deptford Market (especially for Sharon’s fabric stall…I would tell you more about her stall but I want her to myself however if you’re dying to know you’ll have to get me on a one-to-one via Twitter @leleloves72, warning I (and others) WILL fight you (just saying)…(she frockin’ amaz-balls!) #GOGOGO!

Check out Bromley Road Market / Car Boot sale located at Catford Wanderers Sports Club Car Park, Junction Of Bromley Road, Downham, Catford, SE6 3NU every TUESDAY and THURSDAY*, like I stated before don’t be la-dee-da (times are 8:00am till 1:00PM-ish*). Just another place I end up with my ma. #MarketMadness!

*To my knowledge.

Here’s other markets that my ma told me about, she’s the market maiden!:

  • E-Street (East street market)
  • Petticoat Lane
  • Roman Road
  • Coventry Garden
  • Dalston market
  • Wembley market
  • Dartford Market

For other markets and such like Camden and Brixton check out Time Out London at:

Well I think I got it covered so we’ll not miss anymore…however if I have feel free to let me know!

Happy shopping!